Marcia Lampe - Co-Owner, Lampe-Farley Communications, Decatur, GA


"I enjoyed the heck out of working with Troy. It was like relay racing on speed skates, knowing that when you handed something off it would get done with quality, and when it got handed back you'd have something great to work with as we all headed toward the finish line."

Greg Harding - Founder, Greg Harding Films, Decatur, GA


"I don't ever let anyone do graphics for me except Troy. He's designed and built all the logos, posters, and websites for all my individual film projects, as well as my main company website. Hands down the best designer I've ever worked with."

Carrington Moore - Events Manager, Sweetwater Brewing - Atlanta, GA


"I have known Troy for almost my entire life. He is a intimidatingly talented musician, a skillful web developer, and just an amazing guy."

Catherine Lee - Development Services Coordinator, City of Decatur, GA


"Troy's contribution to the city's Technology Committee was priceless. He knew as much or more about cloud technology, and our network logistics than some of the senior members of our IT firm."