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My name is Troy Cono. I’m a professional musician living and working in Atlanta, GA. I have been gigging an average of 4 nights a week all over this city since 2008. Mostly, I specialize in suburban Mexican restaurant, cheese-ball, solo acoustic cover gigs. Those usually lead to a slew of private events, which tend to pay the bills (a.k.a. why I do this for a living).

I used to be a rockstar. At least I thought I was. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I toured all over the south east with an original band called Exit Left, for which I was the lead singer and primary songwriter. Much has changed since my glory days of mediocre rock stardom, which is precisely why I decided to start this blog.

From time to time, hilarity ensues in my profession. Whether it be from the overall lack of common sense, common courtesy, common social values, or mental focus in society as a whole, and with a particular emphasis on individuals in my field, the things that I witness on a daily basis as I travel from venue to venue are often astounding.

I’ve seen everything from the average bar patron, to the avid live music aficionado; from the over-zealous teen pining for his first gig in front of living people, to the guy with more musical talent than Stevie, Michael, Prince, and Jimi combined, but who lacks the wherewithal to maintain a steady residence. My job, now more than ever, is truly fascinating. And I thought it was time to share with you some of the behind-the-scenes experiences I endure on an average night. 

Please enjoy the posts you are about to read, and if you feel particularly entertained by any of them, please leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

If you’d like to witness any of these antics firsthand, please take a look at troycono.com for my current schedule of shows, then come on down to a venue near you soon and be a part of the story.

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— Troy Cono

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