Dave Matthews Cover Band – Not What You Think

So, I went to go see Dave Matthews Band at Ameris Bank Amphitheatre on Tuesday. They played a 2+ hour set where they covered 5 songs, including 3 where they brought out Chuck Leavell (which was easily the highlight of the entire show, since he didn’t play a single Dave Matthews song anyone recognized at all).

Even the guy wearing the DMB t-shirt from the 2021 tour, two rows in front of us, sat down for most of the show, and left early.

So, in case anyone out there ever has the inkling, or knows any friends ever talking about paying $500 to go see him, tell them to just pull up his artist’s playlist on Spotify. Not the Dave Matthews Radio playlist, but the “Songs Dave Matthews Likes” on Spotify playlist, and just listen to that while you set $500 on fire.

That’s my official review of Dave Matthews Live circa 2023. I would easily pay $20 to see the Dave Matthews Cover Band play actual Dave Matthews Band songs 25 times than to have paid $500 to see the actual Dave Matthews Band play covers once.

I will find a way to get my $500 back from Dave Matthews before he leaves this world. But I’ll never get back the hours of my life he has stolen from me.