It All Starts With a Great Photo Shoot!

The most important thing to remember as a musician when getting ready to conduct a photo shoot for you and/or your band is to fight the urge to do anything original or different. Do exactly what’s expected. Do what every other musician and band has done since the beginning of time. Go outside. Bring your instruments. Don’t plug them into anything. Maybe break into an old car. Maybe get some wild animals involved.

Once you’ve found a location that can provide all of these things, get as many different “rockstar” outfits together as you can make out of your entirely thrifted wardrobe, and try to make yourself look cool by pretending to play your unplugged instruments in front of signs displaying rules of which you are in clear violation.

Trust me, your phone will start ringing off the hook with gig offers as soon as you get these photos up on facebook.

P.S. – For the record, that wet spot in front of me in the picture on the right is exactly what it looks like. Urine! Most likely from a homeless guy (or several) who lived right around there. These photos were taken blocks from Skid Row in LA. Keeping a “take me serious” face while sitting in piles of fresh urine-soaked gravel is the sort of hardship we musicians must endure in order to maintain a certain level of mediocrity and predictablity, while believing ourselves to be on the verge of greatness and originality.