Remember What I Said About Photoshoots?

Remember What I Said About Photoshoots?   —  

For those who may be reading this and may not have been keeping up with what’s been going on in my musical life lately, I have officially retired from cover music. But returning to the glorious world of original music from whence I came does have it’s share of drawbacks. The most immediate of such being the need for an updated press image. As it turns out, you STILL can’t get booked original gigs without one – very much unlike the world of cover music where all it takes is a pulse and a PA.

So, being that my last press image was taken over 8 years, 25 lbs, 3-4 cm of hair-line, 30% deterioration of eyesight, and about 789 metric tons of facial (and body) hair ago, I thought it may be a bit misleading to continue to use the same image now that it’s 2014.

Therefore, I set about to acquire a press image circa 2014, representative of me, and not representative of the thousands and thousands of other band press images I’ve seen over the years, including my own in the past. You know the kind I’m talking about, with the 3 or 4 total d-bags leaning against a wall in their best, “I’m a musician” outfit, making their best, “I’m a musician” face. Maybe there’s some sort of graffiti on the wall behind them, or a city skyline, or an ironic sign which they are in literal violation of just by posing for a picture in front of it (guilty of all of the above).  Yeah, I wanted to try my best to stay away from any of that.

Instead, I had my band mates meet me at my local bowling alley, leave the instruments at home (along with their dignity),  and try and capture what can only be described as a horrible stock image for a bowling billboard.

Now that you know the inspiration behind what I was going for, how’d I do?

Please place a vote for your favorite option by leaving a comment below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win something cool! Once everyone has had sufficient time to vote, we will turn the winning selection into our new, official, Troy Cono Band press image, and one lucky winner will receive their very own, official, something cool…

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